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Mason Miller

Lead Instructor

Hi my name is Mason Miller, I am 22 years old born and raised in Red Lodge, MT, I started riding snowmobiles and dirt bikes at the age of 2. Living and breathing high octane motorsports my whole life has motivated me to make it my career. 

As a kid my father Jerett Miller, would take me riding every weekend whether we were deep in the backcountry on sleds or single track riding on the bikes, it didn’t matter we were always riding something. My dad went above and beyond to make me the rider I am today and that is one of the things I am most thankful for in life.

I started training and riding with Bret Rasmussen in 2018 taking my first guide clinic. Those 4 days made me realize that there is so much more to backcountry riding than just going out with your buddies and tearing it up.

To be a leader in the backcountry you must know how to navigate the terrain under any conditions and have the confidence and skills to do so. Avalanche safety is my main priority. Knowing I can save someone’s life makes all the difference to me. I have completed my AIARE 1, AIARE 2 and AIARE rescue Avy course and my AIARE PRO 1 motorized , I am also CPR, AED, and Wilderness First Aid Certified.

My goals as a professional rider are to teach others around me the proper way to ride and keep the people they ride with safe in the backcountry. I will continue to learn and push my limits on a snowmobile and dirt bike as long as I can. Riding isn’t just a hobby for me, it’s a career and lifestyle that I will never give up on.

In the off season my Dad and I run 3 business Red Lodge Powersports, Rocky Mountain Tire & Top Of World Resort. My other hobby is professionally hill climbing dirtbikes all over the the states !  

A man standing while riding on a Brenden sled



  My name is Jerett Miller, I live in Red Lodge MT. My friends and I have been exploring Beartooth Mountains since 1998. I love riding Top of the World because it has every type of terrain possible. The creek drainages and tree riding are second to none. Top is like a giant terrain park with big powder, drops, and rocks to play on.  

 My specialty is creek riding and tree bashing.  Come ride with me and I will show you the best zones and boondocking Top of the World has to offer. Mason and I have explored every nook and cranny in the Beartooth Mountains. We can ride a new zone every day and never see a track. Limitless is dedicated to giving you the best snowmobile vacation possible with a unique “Off the Grid” experience.  Book your trip to Top of the World Resort today!



Brenden Eder

Instructor/Tail Guide

My name is Brenden Eder and I am 22 years old. I was born and raised in Red Lodge, MT. I grew up riding dirt bikes around my area and that's where I got my love for motorsports. Winter sports are big in Red Lodge. We have a ski mountain right in our small town, but I chose to ride snowmobiles rather than ski. I've been riding with Mason Miller and Team Rubberhead for over 13 years. We always got out and rode when we could. Pushing our limits even when we were kids. I am always looking to improve my riding and get out of my comfort zone. Riding sleds is such an intense sport. It has taught me to be confident in my abilities and not panic in stressful situations. There is always a chance you could be sleeping in the backcountry anytime you go ride your snowmobile. So I think it all plays hand in hand with keeping your composure while
riding as well as safely returning at the end of the day. It is very physically and mentally demanding so I think it has made me who I am today.

A man riding a Brenden sled in snow

Cooper Tyson

Media/Tail Guide

Cooper Tyson age 18 from Billings, MT was only a short drive from the mountains of Montana. At the age of 10, he quickly recognized his passion for backcountry snowmobiling. He found himself spending time exploring, snowmobiling, and videoing in the backcountry. Today, Cooper has combined his passion for snowmobiling and videography to make epic content and support riders while also pushing himself on a sled.